About Us

My Name is Justin and I have spent 20 years in the field of education, so I have lots of experience in not only dealing and interacting with children, but also with parents and the general public. The making and selling of Fairy Floss has been a natural progression as I haven't really stepped beyond the clientelle I was already dealing with. As a person, I have always expected the best out of myself and those in my care. In the development of the philosophy of Fairy's Floss this has permeated in the desire to not only look the best in the way we present our brand with our Fairy Floss Bags and Marquee but also uin the way we treat our customers as our highest priority. Nothing gives me greater plasure then when someone is so excited to taste our Fairy Floss.

The other two members of our team are nmy wife Renee and her father Tony. Tony brings over 40 years of business acumen with him. He has had a number of highly successful businesses in his time and his guidance and assistance in this business has been pivotal in the amazing success we have had to date.

Please remember we are here to assist you wherever possible and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.